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All certificates sold here are Comodo certificates - the exact same certificates that can be purchased through Comodo's PositiveSSL or Comodo's InstantSSL website but our prices are lower!

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SSL Certificate Confusion

If you find yourself confused by the dozens of websites selling SSL certificates, you aren't alone!

Just to be clear - the SSL certificates sold here are virtually identical to those sold elsewhere. They will work with any web server and browser and they will ensure that traffic to and from your secure website is encrypted. If that is all you need to know then go back up and click one of the buy links and you'll have your certificate in a few minutes.

Nearly all of the "cheap" SSL certificates sold are "domain validated" certificates, which means that the domain name is all that is validated. They are the cheapest because the entire validation process is automated. The more expensive SSL certificates are "fully validated", which means that the Certificate Authority (Comodo, GeoTrust, Verisign, Thawte, etc) verifies that the company buying the certificate is "real" as well as the domain name. Validating a company is not an automated process so the price goes up substantially. Again, though, visitors to your website see no difference in either case and both types of certificates provide the "padlock" icon and ensure that all traffic is encrypted. From a visitor's point of view there is no different between "domain validated" and "fully validated" certificates. To prove this, click this link to see a real secure server running one of these SSL certificates.

What about Rapid SSL and places like SSL Direct? RapidSSL is Verisign's domain validated certificate type just like PositiveSSL is Comodo's domain validated certificate type (though you'll notice they don't mention that on their websites nor do they take the time to explain the difference). Verisign bought GeoTrust in 2006, and GeoTrust is a CA (Certificate Authority) for most of the non-Comodo "cheap" SSL certificates sold today. SSL Direct is a RapidSSL reseller, much like K Software is a Comodo reseller.

The certificates from all "trusted roots" function exactly the same so buy here and save some money!

Renewing? No problem! Just use the buy links at the top and login to your existing Comodo account and you will still get our prices even if you ordered through another reseller or directly through Comodo initially.

If you are looking for code signing (Authenticode) certificates instead - please see here for incredible discounts on code signing certificates as well.

If you have any questions please email us and we'll be happy to help.